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Rates (USD) # of People Length of Time (in minutes)
$30 1 30
$60 1 per session
$70 2 per session
$75 3 per session
$80 4 per session
$100 5 per session


– Footwork is essential to a player creating space in the triple threat position. A player should only dribble if the dribble has a specific purpose!

– Imperative to work on lay-ups on a daily basis in order to improve hand quickness, explosiveness to the basket and the ability to finish consistently around the basket with both hands!!

– Maintaining a strong stance will make you more explosive.

– Always run the floor hard and stay in your stance throughout the game. During competitive play it is important to apply the skills that are being practiced during drill sessions.

– Starting in close and developing your form and stance is key factors in improving your shooting.

– Also your shot will improve based on having enough repetitions and shooting with the right form!!

– Conditioning is an essential element in becoming a better basketball player.

– Watch yourself do drills on film to help yourself correct bad habits.

– Also watch your competitive game play to improve your basketball IQ.

– Protein shake after lifting weights or playing basketball is a good way to put on lean and good weight.

SMAA Training sessions consist of the following:

A balanced workout routine

  • Drills
  • Conditioning
  • Plyometrics
  • Weight Lifting
  • Competitive Play
  • Film Study
  • Nutrition

Basketball Fundamentals

  • "Mastery of Fundamentals"
  • Triple threat position/moves
  • Jab step
  • Pivot ( pivot) (front pivot) (reverse pivot)
  • Pat down
  • Footwork
  • Ball Positioning
  • Shooting
  • Changing speed
  • Create space
  • Moving without the ball
  • Stance
  • Change direction
  • Footwork
  • Dribbling
  • Timing
  • Balance
  • Film study

Ball Handling

  • Dribble Moves
  • In and Out


    Step back

    Step Slide

    Stop & Go


    Stutter Step

    Between the legs

    Behind the back

    Double crossover

    Combo moves

    (Speed Dribble)

Keys to dribbling

  • Changing Speed
  • Changing Direction
  • Seeing the Court (and all players)
  • Good Footwork (strong stance)
  • Feeling the defender
  • Reading the Defender
  • Dribbling with Purpose
  • Ready to react
  • Versatility (able to use both hands)
  • Attention Span
  • Hand–Eye Coordination
  • Hand and Arm (speed and strength)
  • Stay low (height of bounce is key)
  • Change direction
  • Body Usage (to protect the ball from the defense)

Shooting Fundamentals

  • Ball in the pocket
  • Elbow in
  • Lock your elbow
  • Extend and hold your follow thru
  • Hands ready to catch and shoot
  • Solid stance
  • Always on balance

Creating Space

  • Footwork (ex. dip -n- turn ) ( ex. step back ) (ex: jab step) (ex. Pivot)
  • Change Speed (while pivoting) ( while dribbling )

    Change Direction (while pivoting) (while dribbling)

    Ball Fake (dribble fake - pass fake - shot fake)

    Initiate / Accept Contact (body to body)

    Be Unpredictable (mix - n - match all of the above)

Dribbling Stance

  • Having a strong stance is imperative to strength and balance
  • Wide feet=balance
  • On Toes= ready to react


  • Long and explosive dribble to the basket
  • Full extension at the basket!
  • Arm extended with basketball high off the glass
  • Body-to-Body contact holding the defender off with your body
  • High jump at the basket!

Conditioning / Plyometrics

  • Running miles
  • Running hills

    Running stairs

    Speed ladders

    Box jumps

    Wind sprints


    Squat jumps



    High knees

    Defensive slides

    Jump rope

Competitive Play

  • Timing
  • Spacing
  • Location
  • Change Speed
  • Change Direction
  • Hands Up
  • See Ball
  • Screen / Cut
  • Read the defense
  • Footwork is key


  • Good Protein
  • Baked chicken


    Turkey Burgers

  • Good Vitamins
  • Fresh salad

    Fresh broccoli

    Asparagus Spinach

  • Good Carbohydrates
  • Wheat pasta

    Brown rice

    Sweet potatoes



  • Good deserts
  • Green apple



Rip Through Position

  • Get low and rip through strong
  • Helps gain momentum towards the basket!!

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