Sam Rines

Corey Rich

Jay Jameson

“Jon’s desire for basketball allows him to continually grow as a basketball trainer! His workouts are innovative and fundamentally sound. Jon’s passion rubs off on the players that he trains!!”

JC of The Finest : Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Producer

I Justin Collins, am truly blessed to have crossed paths with Jon while training to become a better athlete, basketball player, and mental warrior fit to achieve in the field of sports at the highest level. Not only did Jon push me, and force me to do my best, but his passion is displayed in every second, of everything he does. Not only a tireless worker, but a selfless individual, who prides himself in putting total effort into the betterment of others, whether it is on, or off of the field. With your career in Jon's hands, I have full belief that he will elevate your skills to the next level, take you to places only your dreams could imagine, and most importantly, obtain your goals; and in the process, pass them, and set new ones.


Jon Solomon at ESPN Studio Sam Rines former AAU coach of Kobe Bryant

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